TRS Plum Peeled Tomatoes (400g)

TRS Plum Peeled Tomatoes are made from natural tomatoes fruit and are great addition for various foods, it comes in 400 grams sealed tin. It is Healthy for your Skin, eyes, bones and is an excellent Antioxidants.

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Buy TRS Plum Peeled Tomatoes – 400g on Nigeria’s Biggest Online Supermarket It can be enjoyed as part of healthy diet by everyone. The tomatoes are made from the best natural tomatoes. Stock your refrigerator with peeled tomatoes and never have to worry about peeling tomatoes again. They are as good as natural, handpicked and sliced to perfection. It is the perfect companion for fries, chicken, meat and can be used as one of many condiments for your special lunch or dinner meal. It can be used for pasta and pizza sauce. It is suitable for all members of the family body in-take.

TRS Plum Peeled Tomatoes – 400g can be taken with any fried or non-fried meals and ideal for big gatherings when food is on the table. It is uniquely delicious with a distinctive can size making for perfect sealing of wonderful ingredients. The ingredients do not contain hydrogenated fats or artificial flavours and colour. The peeled tomatoes will give your various food taste and great satisfaction. The enticing original and natural tomatoes are carefully packed in a colourful tin with cover and come in adequate 400g size which is handy cooking a great meal.

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