Tabasco Pepper Sauce (59ml)

Tabasco Pepper Sauce Quantity: 59ml

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Shop Tabasco Pepper Sauce (59ml) on Nigeria’s Biggest Online Supermarket For that unique peppery taste and flavor in your dishes for your guests and family, the Tabasco Pepper Sauce is your best choice. Tabasco Pepper Sauce is made from special peppers which ripen in the bush. The natural color and flavor of these red, juicy peppers impart a unique flavor to Tabasco sauce. After aging, the cured pepper mash is mixed with pure, strong vinegar, the seeds and skins are removed and the sauce is ready. Tabasco Pepper sauce is made by aging special peppers in oak barrels. Years of curing time ferment the fruit and thereby add smoothness to the natural, robust flavor of the pepper. You can easily taste the difference between Tabasco sauce and ordinary hot sauce. Tabasco Pepper Sauce is made from three all-natural ingredients: fully aged red Tabasco pepper mash, high quality distilled vinegar, and a small amount of Avery Island salt. This simple recipe produces the incredibly pungent, fiery taste that’s beloved the world over. The Tabasco Pepper Sauce is a great source of rich and nourishing ingredients that provides Energy, Carbohydrate, Proteins, Sodium needed by the body and it comes packaged in a Tabasco bottle.

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