Rose Belle Kitchen Towel (2 ply)

Rose Belle Kitchen Towel 2 ply soft sheet Remarkable cleaning

Shop Rose Belle Kitchen Towel – 2 ply on Nigeria’s Biggest Online Supermarket Rose Belle Kitchen Towel is the best choice to clean up the mess with ease. With its thick ply, gone are the days of having to use more than one sheet to clean up the mess left by the kids or an accidental spill. With Rose Belle, you get more value for your money because it is economical and uses less sheets when compared to generic normal brands that are on the market. Even more, it can be used to cover food and maintain freshness on the dining.

Rose Belle Kitchen Towel – 2 ply can be used for many things such as cooking and cleaning. It is the number one product for kitchen rolls and can be trusted to do the dirty work without making a huge mess. Use it in the microwave to keep the heat from escaping and heat your food faster. It is proven to clean up soda and oil spills in just one wipe and you will only need to use one sheet.

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