Panasonic Vacum Cleaner, MC-CG525 (1700w) [Panasonic]

Brand: Panasonic Max. Input Power 1700W 2-step Nozzle Anti-Bacteria Filter 4.0L Dust Bag Capacity Washable Cloth Dust Bag Long Reach Total 8m Metal Telescopic Wand Ergonomic Handle With Attachment Blower Operation

Buy Panasonic Vacuum Cleaner MC-CG525 on Nigeria's biggest online supermarket The Sleek, stylish and easy-to-use, Panasonic Vacuum Cleaner is your perfect partner for a clean house. It is a compact and powerful machine with high suction and low power consumption. The Panasonic vacuum cleaner has a powerful suction and blower function with a 1700 w motor. Attach the blower adapter when you want to use the blower end. It has 4.0L dust bag capacity and washable cloth dust bag.

The Panasonic Vacuum Cleaner MC-CG525 is lightweight and can be handheld or shoulder carried. There are accessories that come with the vacuum cleaner which enhance its efficiency and usage. These include a flexible hose which helps reach areas that are difficult to access. The multi-purpose brush helps in cleaning crevices, corners, table tops and window grills. Use the upholstery brush to clean sofas, mattresses, pillows, cushions and curtains. Clean the hard floor surfaces and your carpets with the floor and carpet brush.

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