Ovaltine, Tin (1200g)

Ovaltine Package: Tin Size: 1200g Av?il?bl? in malt ?nd ?h???l?t? fl?v?r? It ??nt?in? ????nti?l vit?min? ?nd min?r?l?. Ovaltine i? a f?t-fr?? drink, whi?h is good for a healthy heart. Contains an ?rr?? ?f B-complex vit?min?

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Shop Ovaltine, Tin - 1200g on The Online Supermarket Gloo.ng. The Ovaltine, Tin is a brand of drink mix, ?v?il?bl? in malt ?nd ?h???l?t? fl?v?r?, th?t ??nt?in? ????nti?l vit?min? ?nd min?r?l?. Kid? ?nd adults drink Ovaltine ?? a w?rm ?r ??ld b?v?r?g?. C?n?um?d in m?d?r?ti?n, it offers h??lth b?n?fit? b? providing considerable ?m?unt? ?f several vit?min? ?nd minerals. The Ovaltine, Tin i? a f?t-fr?? drink, whi?h is good for a healthy heart. A???rding t? th? Am?ri??n Heart A????i?ti?n, reducing saturated f?t, ?h?l??t?r?l ?nd tr?n?-f?t in your di?t ??n h?l? in?r???? h??rt h??lth by r?du?ing th? risk ?f d?v?l??ing heart disease or Type-2 diabetes. R?du??d f?t consumption ??n ?l?? h?l? reduce th? ri?k of high ?h?l??t?r?l, whi?h may l??d t? h??rt di?????. H?w?v?r, m?king ??ur Ovaltine tin with m??t t???? ?f milk -- ?n?thing but n?n-f?t -- in?r????? th? fat content of your m??l and r?du??? it? nutriti?n?l value. The Ovaltine, Tin contains an ?rr?? ?f B-complex vit?min?, whi?h ?r? used in the b?d? to convert f??d to energy ?nd t? ??ntr?l appetite, m??d, ?l???, contraction ?nd relaxation ?f nerves ?nd mu??l??, and m?t?b?li?m. Vit?min B6, also f?und in potatoes, ??in??h ?nd fish, works t? support th? br?in. C?n?uming a ??rving ?f Ov?ltin? ??ntribut?? 15 ??r??nt t?w?rd For tea lovers, this tea is the best for building a healthy and happy family.

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