Ovaltine Malted Food Drink (400g)

Ovaltine Malted Food Drink Contains malt from barley Contains vitamins, calcium, iron and magnesium Malt extracts Nutritious malted food drink 480g
Special Price ₦721.50 Regular Price ₦1,110.00

Shop Ovaltine Malted Food Drink – 480g on Nigeria's Biggest Online Supermarket Gloo.ng. The chocolate powder is well mixed with nutritional values that are ideal for everyone to enjoy its sweet taste. It is well enriched with calcium, Vitamins, iron, protein, carbohydrates and more to give you energy all day. Whether to mix with powder or evaporated milk, cereals, or just to take as a drink, it gives an added extra nutrition your body deserves. Ovaltine Malted Food Drink comes with rich chocolate flavour, in attractive pack of 480 grams which makes the content ideal for large family consumption.

Ovaltine Malted Drink gives essential Vitamins, calcium, magnesium and more to the growth of the body. A cup of this chocolate drink gives daily value to the body which in turn lets you stay active all day. It is made of malt from barley and with natural chocolate flavour making it delicious for everyone to consume for breakfast or take alongside meals. The powder form drink lets you have a healthy, active and energetic lifestyle. Mix with milk to have rich creamy tea with sandwich or toast bread or you might as well enjoy by mixing with hot or chilled water.

Buy Ovaltine Malted Food Drink – 480g in Nigeria at the best price on Gloo.ng.

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