Nestle's Smarties Hexatube (40g)

Nestle Smarties chocolates Hexatube pack Rich chocolatey taste Sweet, smooth and melts into the mouth Well-shaped size 40g
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Purchase Nestle’s Smarties Hexatube – 40g on Nigeria’s Biggest Online Supermarket The chocolates are sealed in Hexatube pack and contain ingredients like milk cocoa, vegetable fats, flavours and many more. It is a delicious combination of smooth chocolate, creamy and milky taste that melts into your sweet tooth to give you your craving satisfaction. When craving for sweet snack, turn to this chocolate that is packed in a convenient attractive sealed hexatube. Nestle’s Smarties will definitely be your favourite chocolate as it is not too sweet, silky and velvety in the mouth with the right size little chocolates to satisfy your sweet cravings.

Nestle’s Smarties comes in well-shaped little bitty sized chocolates that give your taste buds sweet taste. Pop it into the fridge for a while before eating it for more satisfaction. It is suitable for both children and adults to enjoy and share with colleagues, children and friends. It comes handy when you are busy at the office, mobile, birthday’s, take to school snacks or for home use. Smarties chocolate from Nestle contain fibres, protein, energy, fats and calories which make it ideal for both children and adults.

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