Nestle's Cheerios (375g)

Brand: Nestle Cheerios 4 delicious Whole grains Enriched with calories, sugars, saturates, fats and salts Nutritious cereal Mix with milk, sugar and water to enjoy its rich taste Weight: 375g
Special Price ₦1,014.00 Regular Price ₦1,560.00

Discover Nestle Cheerios – 375g on Nigeria's Biggest Online Supermarket The Cheerios Cereal is made from four different delicious whole grains that are ideal for the body. It comes in small sized round rings and crunchy form that contains nutritional values making it a healthy breakfast food for the family. It comes in well-sealed attractive pack which makes it easy for preservation or pour into a jar canister with lid. Nestle Cheerios is the ideal weekend family cereal, easy to mix, pour into bowl, add milk, sugar and hot water to enjoy its delicious taste.

Nestle Cheerios is highly fortified with nutrients and recommended to be part of family breakfast food. It is a good source of calories, sugars, fat, saturates and salts which are good for body building. It comes in 375g pack and 30 grams of each serving contains an adult’s daily amount of nutrient. It is ideal to mix with powdered or evaporated milk, sugar and hot or cold safe water. It is an excellent meal for children take to school or home and office breakfast food. The cereal contains the right amount of calories that are ideal for both children and adults. Nestle Cheerios dissolves easily giving you a soft exciting feeling as it melts into the mouth for easy digestion.

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