John West Sardines, in Sunflower Oil (120g)

John West Sardines In Sunflower Oil Certified sustainable seafood Protein, energy, carbohydrate trace, fats, fibre, sodium Ingredients: sardines, sunflower oil, salt Ideal for sandwiches and great pairing with rice or spaghetti 120 grams

Discover John West Sardines In Sunflower Oil – 120 Grams on The Online Supermarket It is a certified sustainable seafood that is locked with the goodness of delicious taste that is perfect for garnishing sandwich. Open the tin, pour the well-sliced fish into clean flat plates and then lay on sliced bread garnished with lettuce and sliced tomatoes. It has undergone special preparation and dressing to save you stress and good source of protein, energy, carbohydrate trace, fats, fibre, sodium and made from ingredients like sardines, sunflower oil and salt. John West Sardines has nutritional values making it ideal for both adults and children.

John West Sardines contains sunflower oil as preservatives for the well-sliced fish. You can take the tinned food cold or hot by heating it up in microwave oven. The sardines comes handy when you need to take a quick munch before lunch time. Spread on bread, lay lettuce and slice tomatoes on it and enjoy or add to rice and spaghetti. It comes in well sliced attractive pieces that lay well on the bread for children to chew without stress. The content weighs 1200 grams and ideal to store in cool dry place before use. The canned food, John West Sardines is suitable for sandwich or as a side dish with spaghetti or rice.

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