Haier Thermocool Chest Freezer, HTF 146H [THERMOCOOL]

Haier Thermocool Chest Freezer 720 x 560 x 845 (W x D x H) Anti-rust protected Capacity 146 litres White colour Smooth body finishing Blue floral design Super freezing performance Indicator light Low noise operation

Discover Haier Thermocool Chest Freezer HTF 146H on Nigeria’s Biggest Online Supermarket Gloo.ng. The chest freezer is energy efficient for the preservation of all your cooked meals and perishables items. It is built to be deep? making for easy storage of large quantities of perishable and non-perishable items??. Its freezing capacity of 146 litres offers you super cooling function that keeps all your stored food fresh???.?? ?The freezer is efficient to give you continuous freeze capacity during power outage?.?? The Chest Freezer comes with adequate storage space compartment that takes in various food items.

Haier Thermocool Chest Freezer features high efficient compressor, low noise operation, energy efficient and offer optimal cooling performance. It comes with super-fast freezing function that is reliable in the preservation of food and drinks with thick ice blocks for business purpose. ????? The large home appliance comes in white colour, sleek body finishing and blue colour floral design that will definitely brighten up your kitchen decor. Its premium material is anti-rust, gives longer usage and allows for easy cleaning of the interior. The Chest Freezer from Haier Thermocool brand features indicator light which lets you know when it is switched on and off.

Shop Haier Thermocool Chest Freezer HTF 146H in Nigeria at the best price on Gloo.ng.

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