Africa's Biggest Online Supermarket is an electronic retailing service and corporate procurement engine dedicated to delivering direct to the doorsteps of her clients, on a same-day basis and at very affordable prices, a wide variety of high quality brands of supermarket goods. provides her clients very convenient, very efficient and very affordable means of shopping for supermarket goods, saving them irreplaceable time, needless stress and valuable money, thereby enriching their lives with the happiness these savings facilitate. is more than an online ecommerce site. It is a vision!


    Be Africa's Biggest Online Supermarket


    Promote the comfort & happiness of busy homemakers in African cities


    Define & OWN the word "online supermarket" in Africa

Heads down; ignore the noise. Stay hungry; stay focused. Keep shipping! Gradatim Ferociter!!!

(aka, The Glootian Creed)

There is nothing ordinary about us. EVERYTHING is done to the extreme. We are extremists!

1.) Extreme Customer-Focus: this is where it ALL starts & ends, where it rises & falls, where it waxes & wanes.

2.) Extreme Team Players: the COEFFICIENT force of the tightly knit phalanx of 300 Spartan Hoplites at Thermopylae.

3.) Extreme Integrity: always aiming for singularity in what we say and what we do, by over-delivering on the DOING than the saying. It's a discipline you master, a way of life...OUR way of life.

4.) Extreme Frugality: creatively pulling needles out of hay sacks is FIRST nature, not second nature.

5.) Extreme Learners: failing fast, failing small and improving CONTINUALLY--an endless loop of discovery and joy. 

6.) Extreme (M)(Ad)Venturers: junkies of the thrill of walking on water, of DEFYING gravity. It's where we thrive, our sweet spot!

  1. We enjoy working hard.
  2. We speak with candour.
  3. We love meeting but hate meetings.
  4. We are passionate about sticking to time.
  5. We cultivate a friendly but intense environment.
  6. We prefer the simple and are always simplifying.
  7. We embrace bad news and celebrate good news.
  8. We are paranoid but don't speak fear: we speak faith.
  9. We are in a hurry but make allowance for patience's perfect work.